Essential Travelling Tips for Vegans on the Move

Essential Travelling Tips for Vegans on the Move

When you are a true vegan, things become a little challenging when you are travelling or living in a country which is populated with maximum number of non vegetarian people. But anyhow, it does not become impossible at all.

Today, as a traveller you can find multiple options to stay a complete vegan throughout your journey provided the range of options lessens if you are staying in a smaller city as compared to a larger one. However, if the people arranging your stay are informed well in advance, maybe it is possible that they might give you the benefit of choosing your own favourite dish or may also have ready to cook meals arranged for you even before your arrival.

Nonetheless, vegans today can enjoy the food of their choice as this is quite evident from the vegan recipes available in restaurant menus and grocery stores all keeping in mind their unique needs. Here, we mention simple tips for every vegan on the go to enjoy the dish of their choice without compromising on quality

  1. Before you leave for your holiday or any other work to a different country like say Australia, check for the best vegan restaurant in Melbourne in order to enjoy a meal when you arrive at the place.
  2. Secondly, inquire at the place where you plan to stay about any nearby vegan restaurants so that you do not have to run about at the last moment. In many cases, the restaurant manager or some other staff can help you in finding the best vegan restaurant or can refer you to somebody who can help you out in this endeavour.
  3. Before getting onto the place, find the complete details of the local food that is served over there. It is greatly possible that you might end up have a vegan meal but not that is up to your satisfaction.
  4. If possible, carry along some vegan snacks like dried fruit, nuts, granola bars or fresh fruit with peanut butter that can help you stay full if there is an emergency. Usually, vegans have a greater appetite as their food is low on fat. Also, it can save you from starving if you do not find vegan food at all.
  5. Find fruit markets wherein you can buy fresh fruits that can be an easy replacement for a vegan meal. The best thing is that try to buy these fruits early in the morning as there are less chances of any food contamination.
  6. Be aware of frauds wherein even the best restaurants can serve you soups or any other exotic dishes that will be mentioned as “With added natural flavours”. Mostly, these flavours are nothing but some additional item made from meat sources like chicken, mutton etc. You can easily find complete vegan food in countries like India but in other countries this is not quite possible.

These are simple yet essential tips if you are a complete vegan and are enjoying a holiday with family or friends or are out for a meeting with your clients. Go through these tips for having a healthy and happy travelling experience.

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