Melburnians Hungry For A Vegan Diet

 Melburnians Hungry For A Vegan Diet

Isn’t it surprising that the city of art and startling food trends is rapidly becoming the vegan capital of the world? More and more people in Melbourne are embracing vegan diet—with a wave of enthusiasm for the benefits to animals, the environment and people themselves. From celebs turning vegan, to popularity on social media beset with tempting meals from the fit, there is a re-branding of veganism as chic and healthy.

Why do people choose a vegan lifestyle?

The Australians transitioning to vegan diets relinquish animal products for moral reasons, however for some, health and fitness benefits are the primary motives. These reasons not only set a trend for plant-based eating, but also give self-bolstering vegan movement a much-needed push. With an increasing responsiveness for vegan lifestyle on web, more Aussies are quitting animal products and sharing information within their social circles.

As part of a movement that has gained a rapid momentum, vegan restaurants are spreading across the city like wildfire. Australia is said to be the third fastest-growing vegan market in the world, following UAE and China.

It’s certainly chic. If you really want to be cool in Melbourne, you’ve got to be vegan. Almost, 9.8 million Aussie adults claim that they’re eating less meat lately. In Melbourne, vegans can find restaurants, clothing and other products that suit their vegan dietary and lifestyle requirements. The Australian city is home to vegan dessert bars, becoming more popular than McDonald’s. A change that is amazing considering the legendary love for Macca’s in Australia, the love is so profound that they even have their own name for the international chain. Several new vegan restaurants coming up in Melbourne have further proved the trend is a budding movement.

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a very large youth population. Vegan food not only entices vegans but also people who are experimental with food and those who have ethical reasons to quit meat and dairy products. Aussies believe that it’s not just about what you eat—it’s about choosing empathy over brutality.

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